Music Puzzle
Music Puzzle
Music Puzzle
Music Puzzle

Music Puzzle

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A music themed wooden puzzle featuring musical notes, rests, and clefs placed realistically on a musical staff. The puzzle frame and pieces are made from quality 3 ply Baltic Birch plywood. This puzzle is well suited for children age 2 years and up. The total size is 11.5x7.5" (29 x 19 cm).

Excellent for improving your child's sight recognition of basic musical notation and dexterity as they put the pieces together. The puzzle could be a great way to share one's fondness of music with a young child.

Each puzzle features the following 11 pieces:

  • Treble Clef
  • Base Clef
  • Sharp
  • Common Time
  • Half Time
  • Quarter Note (Crotchet)
  • Half Note (Minim)
  • Eighth Note (Quaver)
  • Joined Eighth Note
  • Quarter Rest (Crotchet Rest)
  • Eighth Rest (Quaver Rest)

The puzzle is etched and cut using a high powered laser. The results are lovingly sanded, glued, edge routed, and finished by us. We are proud to have completed everything for this puzzle in house, to include designing the puzzle, cutting the pieces, assembling, and routing.

This puzzle can be finished if desired to provide additional protection using polyurethane or other finishes.  

The edges of the puzzle frame are slightly rounded. This makes them less dangerous if flung across the room like a Frisbee by an overzealous toddler.

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