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13 Jan 2017, 10:44 PM

January arrives, and with it a sense of hope and resolution for a new year. But it also brings along a still-long winter ahead with short days, and a spring that feels far off. But somehow winter always gives me a renewed sense of energy and lots of ideas for the new year. And after the busy season of Christmas time, we usually find some time for a bit more gaming.
In this newsletter, I'll share some of the new products in our shop, some upcoming items to watch out for, and a few fun Valentine's items if you're shopping for your sweetie!

New Items

We have several new products in the store, including laser cut wooden puzzles, filigree ornaments, and King of Tokyo tokens. I’ve been waiting to get better pictures before I share these with you, but I’m too excited to wait any longer!
These wooden, laser-cut, and hand-finished puzzles are absolutely beautiful in person. We originally created them for our children, to teach them the names of different music notes and the major Hawaiian islands. They've been such a hit that we've decided to sell them for others to enjoy!
Winter time = Gaming time_48_0.jpg

Winter time = Gaming time_48_1.jpg

Our filigree ornaments have adorned Christmas trees all over the world since we introduced them a few months ago. I have a few meeples left in stock in a variety of colors (and plenty of pineapples and palm trees), and I plan to restock these in the upcoming months. I'm always open to custom color combinations, as well!
Winter time = Gaming time_48_2.jpg

Winter time = Gaming time_48_3.jpg

Finally, finally: KING OF TOKYO! The pictures are crummy -- I took them quickly with my phone to send to a friend, intending to take better photos after the Christmas rush, and then both sets I made sold regardless of the photos, so now I need to make some more! These are bigger than many of our other tokens, close to 3" tall, and they're perfect for conquering cities. I'll happily make expansion and King of New York tokens on request.
Winter time = Gaming time_48_4.jpg

Upcoming Items
I just listed sets for the newest versions of Agricola, both the revised edition and 5-6 player extension and the Family edition. With fewer pieces, the cost for these sets is less than our original full set.

Also keep an eye out for more Targi pieces, including those for the new expansion (there will be amphorae and a Targia figure), as well as the Targi figurines. I also expect to revise the size of the Targi resources shortly.

AND. . . Cinque Terre resources -- so many fruits! Coming your way within the next month.

Comeback Kings
Do any of you remember the Settlers of Catan resource earrings that I made long ago? Well, they're back! I had a request from a customer to replicate them so I made up plenty of extras.
As always, I love to make custom tokens and these make a great Valentine's gift for your special someone. I need a few weeks to get these made, so make sure to put your order in before the end of January to get it by February 14th!
And if you'd like something a little different for Valentine's, a gift of Love Letter with a set of unique tokens of affection will be sure to please.
Winter time = Gaming time_48_5.jpg