Welcome to Epicycle Designs! All of the meeples and board game tokens you see here are created by hand out of polymer clay, or designed by us, in the case of our 3D printed products. Won't you join us for a game or two?

30 Apr 2015, 11:42 AM

April Greetings

We here at Epicycle Designs hope you all are well and enjoying the tidings of spring. April has been an interesting month as we were expecting our second baby, but it seems that she is waiting until May to arrive, instead of coming in April as expected. Our health is fine, so we will continue to wait and see when she'd like her birthday to be. While waiting, though, I've had plenty of time to update some older items in the shop, and to create some new ones. Read on for some of the April developments.

New Products

Tzolk’in tribesmen have long been on my list of figures to make. After a timely customer request early in April, we now have them available in the shop! Sets are available for both the base game, which include figurines for the four player colors that ship with the game – red, yellow , blue, and green – as well as a set that includes the orange player color for use with the expansion, Tribes and Prophecies.
April Greetings!_37_0.jpg

We also have Tzolk’in complete sets available, which include resources, player figurines, corn, and a starting player token at a discount off the prices of buying them separately. These are available as the four-player base game set and the five-player expansion set.
April Greetings!_37_1.jpg

A solitary Mayan Lord starting player token is also available. Complete sets also include the starting player token!

Back in Stock

April Greetings!_37_2.jpg

We have Pandemic Cure Vials back in stock! The bottles themselves have a different look than the previous design, but the new vials can now withstand the temperature changes and stress associated with shipping, which is one of the most important things. These new vials are made of laboratory-grad borosilicate glass.

We have left the lids loose so that you may choose how to demonstrate that the diseases have been eradicated – whether you’d like to flip the whole vial over, or simply put the lid on it.

We are pleased to offer them alone as a standalone item, as well as being included in every Pandemic full set.

Newly Updated Products

Finca figurines have been updated this month, and I have to say I really enjoyed tweaking them to better match the Mallorcan farming theme. From the itty-bitty lemons, to the small grapes, these farmer families are now ready to help you relax as you decide what work to assign them to. Find all of our Finca products in our shop!
April Greetings!_37_3.jpg