We are awaiting the arrival of our second Epicycle Designs baby (mid to late April, 2015). If you put in an order and don't hear back from us in our standard 24 hours, please know that your order has still been seen and will be attended to promptly! Feel free to send us a convo or email if you have specific questions.

Welcome to Epicycle Designs! All of the meeples and board game tokens you see here are created by hand out of polymer clay, or designed by us, in the case of our 3D printed products. Won't you join us for a game or two?

31 Mar 2015, 9:17 PM

Friendly Gaming

This month we have spent more time than usual playing some of our favorite games in our collection – from some Catan: Cities and Knights action, to Flash Point, Lords of Waterdeep, and we snuck in a couple of games of Super Motherload, too, after getting it in the mail last month. All this was thanks to some old friends moving to town, introducing games to someone new to the hobby, and my sister-in-law being able to visit, so we had a chance to play some of our favorites with three and four players. As much as we are prepping our two-year-old for dice rolling and strategizing, he’s not quite ready for a game of Carcassonne yet, so gaming often wins out on our activities of what to do with friends.
March Shop Updates and New Products_36_0.jpg

Epicycle Designs 5th Anniversary

On the 24th of March, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of opening our virtual doors, first on Etsyand then at EpicycleDesigns.com. Though many businesses go through ups and downs, we have thankfully been able to celebrate a steady growth curve from that first day of opening until today. Over these five years, I have sent out over 500 packages of handcrafted game pieces to 19 different countries from two different states and two different countries as we’ve moved around to follow my husband’s Navy career. I am ever thankful for a business that not only moves with us and keeps me busy, but also for being able to do something that I truly love and stretches my creativity as well.

I opened the Etsy shop with about 5 products, and didn’t realize when opening that I’d ever get to where we are today, carrying over 100 different products. And now we carry not only the handcrafted polymer clay products and game bags we started with, but also a large selection of 3D printed game pieces and laser cut wooden game accessories, too. I’m as curious as you to see what the next five years will bring for us!

Urgent Wish for Children

March Shop Updates and New Products_36_1.jpg

Are you familiar with this card from Uwe Rosenberg’s game, Caverna? Well, it represents our current situation pretty well. I’m in my last month of pregnancy with our second child, a baby girl. While wonderful, it makes things a little unpredictable for the shop in April! I will be taking limited custom orders, and may shut down our shops briefly while we get acquainted with our new little one. Rest assured, if all goes well, I expect to be back to full operating capacity within a week or so after she arrives! I’ve made lots of back stock so that most orders will still ship when expected, thanks to my awesome husband who is as familiar with our shipping procedures as I am.

New Products

As promised, the skull corruption tokens for Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport are soon to be available in the shop. The photo below is a prototype – I may make the final version blue like the tokens in the game after some more experimenting! I use a skull mold we created for these and then paint them with water-based model acrylics to give them their aged, ragged look. These will be available both as sets of 25 and as an add-on to the Skullport sets we already have available.

In addition to the skulls, we have role figurines for the newest Pandemic expansion, State of Emergency, available in the shop now. These five new figures, the Pharmacist, First Responder, Colonel, Veterinarian, and Gene Splicer are the same size as the other Pandemic figurines we make, and will integrate nicely with the other figurines regardless of which other expansions you own. The bases of each figure are all different colors, matching as closely as possible the colors on the card. They are available in our shops now for just $30!
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