It is official -- we are headed to Essen 2015 year for SPIEL! I'm unbelievably excited. I hope to come back with lots of ideas and several suitcases of new games.
Our shop will be closed from about September 24-Oct 15 while we travel. Please feel free to send an Etsy convo, email, or send a FB message to us while we're gone if you need something!
In the meantime, you can check out our inventory here!

13 Jun 2015, 3:10 AM

Birthdays Galore!

While May is now gone, our love for the month has yet to dissipate. Since our family celebrated two birthdays in May (Tabitha on the 20th, and our newest child on the 2nd), we want to celebrate with YOU as well – use coupon code “HAPPYBIRTHDAY15” in either of our shops for 15% off any purchase through the end of June 2015. And if you get a chance, eat some cake for us.

Birthday Time in May 2015!_38_0.jpg

Family Growth Action Successful!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our baby girl, who arrived healthy and screaming on May 2nd! You may recall from our April newsletter that she was rather overdue, but she was well worth the wait. Please help us in welcoming Rachel Adelaide to the world and to our family!

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New Products

We now have 3D printed Foam and Heal tokens available for Flash Point: Fire Rescue. The Heal tokens replace the cardboard crosses the Paramedic role can place on a victim which denotes that they can be led from the burning building instead of being carried, and come in a set of three. Foam is introduced in the Honor and Duty expansion, which was sold on Kickstarter before the holidays and is now available on Amazon and elsewhere. We have sets of 16 3D printed aqua foam tokens available in our shop now.
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Wedding Season

You may not think of board game pieces as wedding gifts, but why not? If you have gaming friends in your life, nothing says “I still want to hang out with you” than a full set of custom tokens for their favorite game, or a brand new game with a set of Epicycle Designs pieces to accompany it.

We also make customized player tokens for $15 each – why not give the bride and groom figurines designed to look like them so they also always know who is who? These tokens have been shown to reduce marital quarrels over favorite player colors by up to 95%*.

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*This is an unproven and unresearched statistic, but I’m 99% sure it’s true.