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We're the family behind the designs here!

The Epicycle Designs Family
We’ve been playing board games for years, and I (Tabitha) was introduced to the new wave of Catan when I was an exchange student to Germany my senior year of high school. And then I promptly forgot how to play! When my husband and I got married nine years ago, we really jumped headfirst into the tabletop gaming scene. The first Christmas we were married, I bought him Agricola. We had fun learning the game and playing together, but both of us were unimpressed that the animals in the game were simple cubes.

We sat down a few weeks later with a chunk of polymer clay and started sculpting some things. It turned out that I was better at it than he was, so I made a set of cows. And then a set of boar and sheep.

Our group of gaming friends really liked what I was up to, and I made a few sets to give as gifts. I had open an Etsy shop just waiting for us to switch it over to all gaming-related items. And I soon found that I enjoyed seeing the joy of other people when they discoverd my items! Eight years later we have shipped sheep all around the world and business is only getting better.
In recent years both our family and our business has grown.  We've expanded from offering only board game pieces into the realm of custom laser-cutting all sorts of items, as well as using the clay in a new and unique ways such as our swirly ornaments.  It's been a joy to work together as husband and wife these past years.  Every purchase you make supports our family, and for that we'll always be so grateful. 

Tabitha Woodard
20270 Beauvue Ct.
Leonardtown, MD 20650