US Time Zone Puzzle
US Time Zone Puzzle
US Time Zone Puzzle
US Time Zone Puzzle
US Time Zone Puzzle
US Time Zone Puzzle

US Time Zone Puzzle

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A United States time zones wooden puzzle featuring the 4 time zones in the continental United States plus the Alaskan and Hawaiian Aleutian Time Zone. Each time zone includes etching of the states included in the time zone and its difference from Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). Areas that do not observe Daylight Standard Time (most of Arizona and Hawaii) are hatched.

The puzzle frame and pieces are made from quality 3-ply Baltic Birch plywood. This puzzle is well suited for children 2 years or older. The total size is 11.5 x 7.5" (29 x 19 cm).

Excellent for improving your child's sight recognition of the United States Time Zones and dexterity as they put the pieces together. Great for teaching time and how it differs in different regions of the world. The puzzle also works great teaching older children geography and is dimensionally accurate for all state borders.

Each of the 6 pieces is geographically accurate. They include the time zone's name, the number of hours the time zone is off from UTC and an analog clock representation of how far off the time zone is from UTC.

The puzzle frame also includes a distance scale and a daylight savings time legend.

Each puzzle features the following 6 pieces:
  • Eastern Time Zone
  • Central Time Zone
  • Mountain Time Zone
  • Pacific Time Zone
  • Alaskan Time Zone
  • Hawaiian-Aleutian Time Zone

The puzzle is etched and cut using a high powered laser. The results are then lovingly sanded, glued and edge routed. We are proud to have completed everything for this puzzle in house, to include designing the puzzle, cutting the pieces, assembling, and routing.

This puzzle can be finished if desired to provide additional protection using polyurethane or other finishes.

The edges of the puzzle frame are slightly rounded. This makes them less dangerous if flung across the room like a Frisbee by an overzealous toddler.

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