Kaboom Review Game
Kaboom Review Game
Kaboom Review Game

Kaboom Review Game

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A set of 9 tongue depressors professionally etched with school review subjects.

Play the Ka-boom game by splitting the children into teams. Have each team alternate pulling a stick at random and ask the child(s) to review the listed subject. If they answer the question correctly, their team gains a point. If a Ka-boom stick is drawn, the team drawing it loses all their points.

Be impressed by how excited your young early elementary kids become about school review when this game is played. We have seen kids reviewing school of their own volition just to play Ka-boom.

This game is a favorite among different homeschooling groups, including Classical Conversations (CC).

The following subjects are covered on the sticks:

  • History
  • Latin
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Timeline
  • Math
  • Ka-boom (x2)

Please contact us for customization if you want different subjects represented. We also offer a set of wiggly worm tongue depressors.