Compass Rose Wooden Puzzle
Compass Rose Wooden Puzzle
Compass Rose Wooden Puzzle

Compass Rose Wooden Puzzle

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A compass rose themed wooden puzzle featuring the cardinal directions, intercardinal directions (or ordinal directions), and the secondary intercardinal directions all as individual pieces. The puzzle frame and pieces are made from quality 3-ply Baltic Birch plywood. This puzzle is well suited for children 2 years or older. The total size is 9" x 9" (22.9 x 22.9 cm).

Excellent for helping your child understand the relationship of the cardinal directions and dexterity as they put the pieces together. The puzzle could be a great way to share one's fondness of maps, hiking, surveying, or other navigation related activities.

Remember the amazing acronym Never Eat Soggy Worms to memorize the clockwise order of the cardinal directions (NESW)!

The puzzle contains a 16 pieces plus the frame. The pieces include the 4 cardinal directions, the 4 intercardinal directions (or ordinal directions) and the 8 secondary intercardinal directions.

  • North
  • North-northeast
  • Northeast
  • East-northeast
  • East
  • East-southeast
  • Southeast
  • South-southeast
  • South
  • South-southwest
  • Southwest
  • West-southwest
  • West
  • West-northwest
  • Northwest
  • North-northwest
The puzzle is etched and cut in house from quality 3 ply birch plywood. The results are then lovingly sanded, and glued. We are proud to have completed everything for this puzzle in house, to include designing the puzzle, cutting the pieces, and assembling.

This puzzle can be finished if desired to provide additional protection using polyurethane or other finishes.

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