Turkey Map Ornament
Turkey Map Ornament
Turkey Map Ornament

Turkey Map Ornament

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A beautiful laser engraved annual ornament featuring the outline of the country of Turkey.  Whether you're commemorating a memorable visit, a backpacking trip, a military duty station, the home that you love, or the home that you've left, this ornament will be an heirloom passed down for years.

These ornaments are precisely laser cut and engraved from cherry wood, a sustainable wood with rich red and golden brown hues.

The ornament is approximately 4.5" x 4" (115mm x 100mm).  

Consider for commemorating the following vacation spots:

  •     Ankara
  •     Istanbul
  •     Cappadocia
  •     Antalya
  •     Pamukkale

Consider for commemorating a military duty station at:

  •     Incirlik Air Base
  •     Izmir Air Force Base