Agricola Deluxe Token Set

You're ready for an upgrade for your Agricola set, and you're ready for it RIGHT NOW? Then this set of 357 handmade pieces for Agricola is just what you've been looking for!

This deluxe set includes every upgrade I make for the base Agricola game, not including the major improvement set, available HERE:

25 people (5 in 5 different colors)
75 fences (15 in 5 colors)
20 stables (4 in 5 colors)

27 grain tokens
18 vegetable tokens (9 carrots and 9 pumpkins)
36 food tokens

33 wood tokens
33 clay tokens
18 stone tokens
15 reed tokens

21 sheep tokens
18 wild boar tokens
15 cattle tokens

1 guest token
1 starting player (rooster) token
1 house goat

All of the clay tokens are handmade by me out of Premo! brand polymer clay. Premo! is exceptionally strong after curing, and remains slightly flexible, which makes it ideal for board gaming. These pieces should stand up to years of use.

We have lot of individual Agricola pieces and smaller sets if you're interested. You can find a full listing here: Agricola Pieces at Epicycle Designs

All pieces have been play-tested and approved by my family and friends. You will receive a new set, though! As such, the pieces you receive will likely differ somewhat from the picture.

Shipping to the US includes Priority service and insurance.

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Base List Price: $390.00 USD

Add Major Improvements

Add Farmers of the Moor Extras

Price With Variations: $390.00 USD

  • Game: Agricola
  • In Stock: 2
  • Weight: 2.00 lbs
  • Polymer Clay