Filigree Meeple Ornament

These beautiful swirly filigree meeple ornaments, at just over 2" (5.5cm) from toe to head, are made from hand-coiled polymer clay strands that are arranged in swirls and swoops across the surface of a wooden "meeple" -- the icon of board games and tabletop gaming. Choose ONE ornament in your choice of color combinations.

The beautiful filigree technique takes several hours to complete, from creating the clay's ombre color gradient, to hand-twisting the swirls and circles to make the design, adhering them to the meeple base, and finally glazing them to make the metallic undertones and pattern really shine. The finished product is not particularly fragile, though it can be broken and isn't recommended for small kiddos.
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Base List Price: $15.00 USD


Price With Variations: $15.00 USD

  • Game: Carcassonne
  • In Stock: 10
  • Weight: 0.10 lbs
  • Dimensions: 2" tall
  • Polymer Clay