Tzolk'in Score Track Markers - Ziggurats

A set of 3D printed ziggurat score track markers for the board game Tzolk'in. Each temple is designed to look great on the score track marker of the Tzolk'in board game. We designed the ziggurat to match the theme of the temples shown on the board.

Each of the 4 base game colors of blue, green, red, and yellow are represented, as well asthe color orange from the expansion Tribes and Prophecies.

Each piece is printed from nylon plastic, dyed the proper color, and slightly polished.

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Price: $15.00 USD

  • Game: Tzolk'in
  • In Stock: 50
  • Weight: 0.10 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14x13x12mm or 1/2" in each dimension
  • Nylon Plastic