100 Point Counters, Set of 8 Birch

100 point counters for those games you zoom through the score markers for.

These are generic and should work well with many games. In particular, we find them handy in games where the counter overlaps at 100. We routinely use them when playing Stone Age, Tzolk'in, & Ticket to Ride. Especially when playing with only 2 players, in many of these board games you can do several laps around the score board. These markers will make telling which lap everyone is on easy.

Each counter is laser cut out of quality 3-ply birch plywood. The numbers are laser etched into the surface of the plywood on one side only. The Birch is sanded smooth to the touch but is not finished.

You can also pick up 50 counters at this link, which we find useful when playing games that scoreboard wraps at 50 points like Carcassonne.
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Price: $10.00 USD

  • Game: Miscellaneous
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  • Weight: 0.10 lbs
  • Dimensions: 35x15mm (1.37x0.58in), 3mm (1/8in) tall
  • Birch