7/13/2016 3:22:48 PM

Aloha from Hawaii!

At long last, the Epicycle Designs family has relocated to Hawaii. This has been a very long move, and we are thrilled to finally be in one place for the next few years. Things will be a little more stable in the shop the coming months, and I should be able to work more easily with a dedicated work space. I am so excited to take everything out of the suitcase it's all been travelling in since we left Bahrain in January!

Summer time in Hawaii_46_0.jpg

I took this picture when we first arrived in Hawaii, and it's a beach just a few minutes from our house. We truly have moved to paradise! If anyone needs me to send some sand along with your game pieces, just let me know.

Akrotiri Boats -- more than black and white!

A customer recently alerted us that you can combine Akrotiri boards to make a four-player game. Our 3D printed boat design is printable via Shapeways in red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, and metallic plastic, so the other players have an easier time distinguishing their triremes. Pair them with our 3D printed temple tokens in matching colors!

Honolulu Comic Con

From July 29th-31st, we will be set up at Comic Con Honolulu at the Hawai'i Convention Center. If you happen to live here or be in the area, it will be a great con to visit!
We'll have a few new products debuting there that I haven't had time to list online yet, including a new set of wood and acrylic keychains and earrings, which you can see on the left -- we now have blue acrylic, purpleheart, lacewood, and cherry keychains and earrings. Stay tuned for them to hit the shop soon, though if you want one now, email us and I'll set up a custom listing for you.

Unpacking - Christmas in July

After packing everything up two days after Christmas, it was such a relief to move into our house and accept delivery of our life in boxes last week. We found our games! And as far as we can tell, everything is intact. We've already played a few rounds of Jupiter Rescue, Animal upon Animal, and Colt Express (I usually share on our Instagram feed if you're interested in gameplay photos!).

Summer time in Hawaii_46_1.jpg

I've also unearthed some of the things I didn't pack in my suitcases -- our small muslin bags are back, as well as this tiny quilted Catan tote. Oh, and a full set of Caverna dwarves are back in action!