4/15/2016 2:25:22 AM

And what a glorious season it is! After spending two years in the Middle Eastern desert, the greenery that comes along with every springtime is unparalleled and very welcome this year. We have some new listings in the shops for you, a few new products, and a shop closure coming up. Read on to hear more.

Viticulture Items Now Available

We now have Viticulture coin sets, which include gold, silver, and bronze Lira coins in graduated sizes. In addition, we have a large grape cluster to use as the starting player token (and it's only $5)!
Spring Has Sprung!_44_0.jpg

Smaller Player Sets Now Available, also Custom Meeple Sets

I’ve added some listings to the shop to make it easier to find budget-friendly gifts or simply add a new color for a favorite game. I’ve added in generic five person family sets ($25/each), individual Agricola families ($25/each), and separated out the Waterdeep factions ($10 per faction set).

I've also added a new listing for completely custom meeples. The custom meeples are great fun to give as gifts to your board game group, or families that game together. You’ll never forget who is who! Larger groups of custom tokens get a discount on the per-meeple rate.

There is another new listing up for individual Robinson Crusoe game figurines. You can choose one character of your choice from the game for $7.50!

Giant Filigree Meeple Update

This past month I’ve made 6 different colors of filigree meeples! I'll be making more colors soon, but you can always put in a color request before I get to it.

I’ve been using my scrap clay “ropes” from these big guys to make some small meeple projects that will be appearing in the shops later in the year, so keep an eye out for them!
Spring Has Sprung!_44_1.jpg

Shop Closure and Relocation

Our shops will be closing at the beginning of May for a few weeks while we relocate to Hawaii. In the meantime, I’ll be paring down shop stock to what I have on hand. If you need anything, now is the perfect time to order! Once we reopen, expect shipping times to be a few days longer than usual, as the mail from Hawaii takes a little longer to reach the mainland.