3/21/2016 3:01:29 AM

New projects, new developments, new ideas!

Happy March! This is an exciting month on the homefront, as we celebrate our son's third birthday, our daughter is now 10 months old, and it's the sixth anniversary of our shop opening!
Spring is coming quickly here in Florida, with temperatures already in the 80's and plenty of sunshine (sorry to those of you still in the snow!). We've been taking advantage of the time and playing outside with our kiddos and exploring the local areas, as well as getting some work done outside, like with this meeple sanding project.
March shop updates and new products_43_0.jpg


For the time being, we are creating and shipping from Jacksonville, FL. The good news is that for most orders from the US, we’ll continue to have 2-3 day shipping with first class mail (and sometimes even less time with the Priority option) for a few months longer than we expected. Our move to Hawaii has been pushed back a few months, so we’ll be in the continental US until sometime in May.

Robinson Crusoe


I’ve removed the Robinson Crusoe character figurines from my stock on hand. Unless demand picks up, these will now be made to order only -- they take me about a week to create a full set. I may also add the option to purchase individual character sets, for example just the two cooks or explorers. Keep an eye on our social media feeds and this newsletter for details on the change.

However, resource sets will remain available and ready to ship!

Filgree Decor Meeples -- a new project

March shop updates and new products_43_1.jpg

A quick new project that i just finished that appeals to my aesthetic sense- a filigree meeple! These guys are 3” (7.5cm) tall, and the filigree pattern is created by first making uniform “strings” of clay, and then rolling them into the circles and swirls that make this type of work distinct and notable. Each meeple takes over an hour to design. After baking to set the clay, they are glazed to draw out the metallic sheen of the clay as well as the hills and valleys of the pattern. These are a great addition to your game room decor, would look lovely on your fireplace, or would be a great paperweight on your desk at work (and a conversation starter!) or perfect as a gift. I’ve only completed one green meeple and half of a red one so far, but more colors are coming. Feel free to convo me on Etsy or email me directly if you’d like to create something special and I can get it ready for you!