1/3/2016 10:36:02 PM

Happy 2016!

Already come and gone, 2015's last month was a bit of blur in Epicycle land. We're in upheaval right now as we're in the middle of a move from the middle east back to the USA.

Happy New Year!_42_0.jpg

Goodbye, Bahrain!

If we're slow to respond to messages or emails, that's why! We'll be back to full oprating capacity soon enough, but in the meantime we appreciate your patience.

Low Stock Warning

Have you taken a look at our shop the last few weeks? The shelves are thin! Since under normal circumstances I can make most of our clay items within a few days of being ordered, usually the shop is full with made-to-order and custom items.

While we're in transit, I'm unable to make and bake up the clay items reliably. As a result, made-to-order items are temporarily discontinued; everything currently available to purchase is packaged and ready to ship. Any orders placed while we're in low-stock mode will go out within a few days of ordering.

We'll be back and forth the next few months as we visit family, vacation a bit, and transition between temporary housing arrangements to our next permanent house in Hawaii. If you have something you'd like to order from our sold items, send me a message or email to let me know, and I will give you an estimate when it can be ready to go.

In Stock and Ready to Go

We have lots of stock on these items! If you're looking for Pandemic Cure vials, Meeple Keychains, Catan Robbin' Hoods, or Caverna Dwarves, they are ready to ship!

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