11/27/2015 11:19:33 AM

Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving has just passed for the Americans among us, and with that the holiday season is really off to a bang-up start. This time of year everything can be so busy between Christmas parties, school events, and travelling that it can be hard to slow down and feel rested. I keep finding board games to help so much with that. Even a short game makes me pause for a bit and look at the people around me and enjoy their company. How about you? Are board games part of, or becoming part of, your holiday traditions?

New Products

At the beginning of the month we got a huge box full of new 3D printed items from Shapeways, the company that 3D prints many of our designs for us on their industrial printers. We have colorful Tzolk’in ziggurat score track markers, amazing metal and metallic plastic Meeple keychains (yes, they’re 3D printed too!), and a new size of Pandemic track markers for the blue board (available soon in the shop).

I’ve also been busy with a few new clay pieces. Targi resources are now in the shop, and a new collection for Stone Age: the Expansion will be in the shop within the next several days!

Shop Slow Down

After Christmas, we’ll be moving back to the US from Bahrain. As you can imagine, a trans-oceanic move can take its toll! While we're in transit, some products, like our sewn items, will be discontinued. Others will be limited only to stock on hand. If there is something you would definitely like in the next few months, December is a good time to buy to ensure we’ll have it in stock. We should be back to normal operating capacity sometime in April of 2016 once we get settled in our new home.

Thank you!
You guys make this business what it is, and I truly appreciate the time you take to visit our shop, play games with our products, and to read our articles. As a thank you, please use coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS15 in either shop to get 15% off your entire purchase (shipping and taxes not included) until January 15th, 2016.