4/6/2012 10:59:26 PM

Have you heard of the board game Pandemic? Or perhaps the expansion to the board game, On the Brink? I recently introduced the game to some friends, and we had a blast saving the world from rampant disease.

Well. . . we had a grand time trying to save the world, but it didn't really work out that way. You see, there are three ways to lose this game: 1)run out of cards in the draw deck, 2)run out of disease cubes in a particular color, or 3) have more than 8 outbreaks occur. We lost to the deck this time around. And there is only one way to win: cure all 4 diseases. Eesh.

One of the aspects that makes this game such fun is the addition of individual roles that have special abilities, and change the nature of each game played. In the base set, there are five special roles:
Pandemic a new favorite!_4_0.jpg

The dispatcher, medic, scientist, researcher, and the operations expert.

In the expansion, new roles are again introduced and new forms of disease crop up, too. There are 6 new roles, and one other role -- the bio-terrorist -- arrives in certain game scenarios, as well.
Pandemic a new favorite!_4_1.jpg

The generalist, field operative, epidemiologist, bio-terrorist, archivist, containment specialist, and the troubleshooter.

If you're feeling heroic, or just want to join in a game where you will all win, or all lose, check out Pandemic. I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Pandemic a new favorite!_4_2.jpg