9/2/2015 11:05:00 AM

September Again?

Well here we are! It happens every year. The summer goes by in a flash, and all of a sudden September arrives, and with it a flurry of fall activities. School is back in session, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are on their way, and before we know it it will be the holiday season.

Upcoming Products

Train games always seem to be enjoyable, but the new mechanics of Colt Express are what really sold me on the game. A long time customer asked if Colt Express was on our radar yet – it wasn’t, but I’m so glad we picked it up. Not only is it the game fun to play, but the figures needed a bit of updating, and I am a sucker for that! I’m working on the final versions of Colt Express pieces now, and they should be listed sometime in September or October. For now, enjoy this preview of Belle, Django, Doc, Ghost, Cheyenne, Tuco, and the Sheriff.
Summer 2015 Update_39_0.jpg

New Item!

Settlers of Catan (wait, they just changed the name to "Catan" alone for the newest edition) was the gateway game for so many people to this crazy board gaming hobby that we share. Why not commemorate that with a tote bag? I finished and listed two quilted Catan tote bags in August. I like them so much I may end up keeping one. . . so please buy them up to keep me from making that decision! Find them here: Quilted Catan Totes
Summer 2015 Update_39_1.jpg


Just a reminder that our Instagram account is now up and running – there are lots of works-in-progress pictures, finished products, and a glimpse into life in the middle east and with two kiddos! Whether you're unboxing your new pieces, or using them in a game, tag us at epicycledesigns – we love to see our pieces in action!