About Epicycle Designs

Welcome to Epicycle Designs!

My name's Tabitha, nice to meetcha. I'm the one who makes all the clay creations and sews all the board game bags!

I sure hope you like to play board games. We certainly do around these parts!
Besides a board-game player, I'm a stay-at-home wife of an amazing Navy Pilot, a mama to a handsome little guy, a St. John's College graduate, an athlete (running and triathlons are my favorite), a Nutella-eater, and a Bible-reader.

I also love to craft! I never thought of myself as an artist, because I thought that title only applied to painters or marble sculptors or, mostly, someone other than me. I've since learned that art comes in all forms -- in my case, often it comes in the shape of miniature animals or resources for Euro-style games.

I work with polymer clay, a wonderful, soft, pliable clay that comes in tons of colors. It's easy to work with and just needs a quick baking in my home oven to be cured and ready for lots of play-testing by you!

Creatively, I am highly inspired by my grandmother, who taught me how to crochet, weave, sew, and bake bread and cookies at a young age.

Spiritually, Jesus is my all-in-all and sustains me both in daily life as well as in my creative endeavors.

In everything else, my husband is my love forever, my inspiration, my source of strength. He deploys fairly often as a Navy pilot, and working on things for this shop helps get me through some of the boredom and loneliness that comes with having him gone. But we always look forward to playing games together again!

On Epicycles

The first question people always have is, what's an epicycle? Simple, actually -- a tiny circle on a larger circle. An ancient astonomer, Ptolemy, used epicycles to explain the motion of the planets. Though circles are very simple, the project of describing the huge planet's motions with those simple circles worked surprisingly well. (If you're really, really curious about these epicycles, check out this website that explains them well: Aristotelian and Ptolemaic Universe)

I've found that it sometimes it takes simple things like circles to remind us of the big things, like the planets. It's a lofty goal, but I'd like my little teeny-tiny game pieces to remind people of some of the really important stuff in life -- friends, family, and having fun.
Tabitha and husband, Brett! AboutPic1.jpg
The whole Epicycle Designs family!